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How to Recycle Used Books and Used Textbooks

Recycling used books and used textbooks is a great way to keep them in circulation, help prevent the need to produce more and maybe earn a little money. Recycling used books is also pretty easy. You have many different options on what you can do with a used book, so why even think about throwing them away?

Recycling - Why it is a good thing

Recycling helps to keep our landfills from filling up and stops the need for new landfills. Landfills are hazardous. They are not pleasant and they take up space that could be used in a more productive manner.

Recycling is really a driving force behind reducing the amount of waste that sits in landfills. By keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill it leaves room for other materials that are easily broken down and that will not take up much space. Recyclable materials often take a while to break down and therefore can take up a lot of room. When they are recycled, though, they get used again and again, which is great for everyone and the earth.

Recycling Used Books

Any book you have can easily be recycled. It doesn't even take a lot of effort. You have a few choices in how you can do this.

You can actually recycle the book, by removing the binder and recycling the pages with your other paper to be recycled.

You can sell the book. You can sell it to a bookstore or even try selling it online.

You can donate the book. You can donate a book to your local library or a local school.

All three methods are pretty simple. Inside of just chucking it into the garbage you can actually see that it goes on to be used again - either in its original state or throw a recycled product.

Used Textbooks

When it comes to used textbooks the place to recycle them is right back to your school bookstore. Most bookstores will buy back used textbooks. They do usually require that books are in decent shape without excessive highlighting or writing within the pages. If your school will not buy back books, then you sell the online. There are many outlets for doing this.

As you can see, recycling used books and used textbooks is something simple you can do. It is a helpful way to ensure they do not clog up landfills and go on to be useful to someone else.


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