Refrigerators have a significant contribution in our daily modern lives. Refrigerating food became a convenient way to preserve food. However, due to everyday use, our refrigerators eventually deteriorate. Its cooling capacity is reduced and operating it would incur higher electricity costs. Hence, we decide to buy a new one. Has it ever crossed your mind that refrigerators can be recycled? Recycling will definitely help the environment by reducing wastes and also reducing mining activities to acquire the materials in making a new refrigerator. People’s awareness will push manufacturers to create a proper waste disposal and recycling hub for old refrigerators.

What is a Refrigerator Made Out of?

Refrigerators have an exterior cabinet, an interior, insulation located between the exterior and interior, door, a cooling system and refrigerant. Aluminum is the main material for the refrigerator door and cabinet. The interior is made out of steel sheets or sometimes, with plastic. The insulation is made up of fiberglass or polyfoam. The cooling system is made up of a compressor, a condenser, coils and fins. Components of the condenser are made from aluminum, copper or alloy. The metal tubing you see at the back is probably made from copper. The most commonly used refrigerant would be Freon. Interior fixtures such as door, liners, compartments and drawers are vacuum-formed plastics usually pre-formed.